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Dynamo for Windows. Another Space runner with powerups and over 7 levels. Find and destroy the boss - Dynamo!
Download at itch.io
AD-0 for Windows is a space-runner with multiple ships to unlock. Maneuver your way through an asteroid field, kill bombs, get powerups, and try to beat the high score.
Download at itch.io

Castle world (PC and iOS) is an upcoming open world castle builder where building IS the game. Castle world is currently in development. An open alpha release is coming soon! Check out the official page for updates.

Die (Android) is a reflex-intensive action clicker. Click the button as quickly as possible while it is grey. When the button turns red it's going to die! When it's a skull and crossbones it's danger. Dont' click it or it's lights out!

(Windows 32 bit)

Buddy Blaster (for Android) lets you attack players nearby to gain coins. GPS Aware, Play locally with friends & family. Fun for all ages!